M8 Dual Terminal Stud w/ Removable Connecting Plate - Red

Product Code: ACCEPSPWR0356-RD

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  • Two Posts with a Removable Connecting Bus
  • Fully insulated, Glass Fiber Reinforced Base
  • Stainless Steel M8 Studs
  • Up to 48V DC & 80A @12VDC
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Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes you want to distribute power to a few different places but you don’t really need a 12 post distribution block. Our two-post power distribution block makes it easy to run your power wires without over complicating the process with too many options. Clean up wiring, add accessories, move your battery, these studs are designed to make your life easier.

Save Money

Let’s be honest, a junction post isn’t a complicated piece of equipment. There are no moving parts, no fancy electronics, and it really has only one job. Of course, you want it to be good at its job, but why should you spend any more than you have to for this one-job-tool? We feel the same way, so we built a post that’s good at its job, and costs less than the other guys. 

Why Care About the Details?

Have you ever bought something that looked good online, but ended up being a disappointment? The problem isn’t your eyes or your research, it’s the details: thin materials that look good in pictures, but break after one use; universal parts that aren’t so universal; and “features” that actually make the product harder to use. Our terminal posts are different. We use glass fiber reinforced nylon for strength and stability, the stud is bolted to the base not bonded, and we use stainless steel hardware that lasts longer in wet environments.

Prop 65 Warning! Please visit https://truemods.com/california-prop65 for more information.

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