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Strobe Warning LightsStrobe Warning Lights

Strobe Warning Lights

Make your emergency vehicle stand out at night with LAMPHUS strobe warning lights.

How LED Strobe Warning Lights Can Save Your Life

With so much information floating around about LED lights, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Do they really last longer than a traditional bulb? Are they that much brighter? And if my current lights are working fine why should I make the switch to a new LED strobe light? Let's try to answer these questions for you.

Do they really last longer than a traditional bulb? Strobe warning lights are expected to function in all sorts of environments. Heat, cold, rain and rough terrain are all just part of a normal day for a strobe warning light. LED lights are designed to be more shock and vibration resistant than their halogen counterparts. They run at a much lower temperature as well, so long periods of use in a hot environment are no problem for LED lights. These factors, along with a longer average lifespan mean that an LED strobe police light will give you more years of service than a halogen bulb.

But are they that much brighter? LED lights are capable of producing up to 100 lumens of light per watt of power. What about a halogen bulb? Only an average of 20 lumens per watt. Combining a higher lumen to watt ratio and a smaller size, LED strobe lights are the clear winner when you want maximum brightness and visibility.

Should I switch? The side of the road, construction sights, and emergency scenes are all dangerous places to be. This is especially true if you're not visible, or if your collection of emergency light bars, light heads, or beacon lights sends an unclear message. Broken, dim and ineffective lights can put your life in danger so why risk it? Install a bright, durable, long-lasting LED strobe light kit to your emergency vehicles, POV, road-side assistance work trucks, tow trucks or any vehicles applications; and put your mind at ease.