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At True Mods, we build innovative yet affordable aftermarket auto parts that easily transform your ideas into reality.

Who is True Mods?

At True Mods, we believe that everyone, regardless of background, skill level, budget or project, should be able to explore their ideas and pursue their passion. As a company, we set ourselves apart by constantly searching for ways to make our products more accessible and affordable without sacrificing quality or function. As pioneers and problem solvers, we are determined to overcome the issues that we all face as we chase our automotive goals. As fellow automotive enthusiasts, we aim to build and sell products that we would be proud to use on our own vehicles.

The First Step on Our Journey

We have always enjoyed working on our own cars. We have spent countless weekends in the garage, adding, modifying and upgrading our own vehicles; few things can compare to the satisfaction of taking an idea and turning it into a reality. When we had the idea of installing LED lights on our cars, though, we ran into a problem: There was no such thing as a high-quality, affordable set of LED lights. They didn’t exist; it was either settle or pay up, and neither option was appealing. We knew that we weren’t the only ones struggling in the situation: there had to be other enthusiasts out there who didn’t want to mortgage their house for a set of decent LED lights.

That thought was the push we needed to start Online-LED-Store, our preceding brand. We were determined to solve the LED problem, and we worked tirelessly to build our new company from the ground up. The hard work paid off as Online-LED-Store quickly became a leader in cutting-edge LED lighting and a valuable resource for reliable information and personal support. But were we limiting ourselves and our customers by only offering LED lights? Could we apply our efforts to the other price/quality problems in the industry?

The Birth of True Mods

True Mods is the answer to that question. As a fully-equipped parts store, True Mods is a continuation and expansion of what we started with Online-LED-Store, and it is the next step forward as we look for better ways to assist you in your own journey. We understand that no two people have the same goals and no two vehicles will have the same needs or encounter the same issues. Each project, person and vehicle is unique and we want our parts catalog to reflect the true needs of our customers.

How does a company know what its customers are really looking for? It listens. We don’t tell you what you need, we let you tell us. Through honest feedback, extensive research and not-a-small-amount time of testing, we dedicate our work to help in solving the problems you encounter with your vehicle projects.

Where Is True Mods Going?

Like our own passion for performance, True Mods is not static. We will continue to grow and expand what we have to offer. As we strive to research and build better products and solutions, we will always remember the frustration of having a car, a goal, and no options. If you have a vehicle and a goal, True Mods is your option for high-quality yet affordable auto parts and accessories. We’re here for you on your journey; tag along on ours too.