UTV/ATV Tail LightsUTV/ATV Tail Lights

UTV/ATV Tail Lights

Utility Terrain Vehicles and All Terrain Vehicles glow brightly out in off-road terrain. Beam brighter with even more pride when you add True Mods' UTV Tail Lights to the rear of your beloved vehicle.

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Model-Specific Tail Lights For ATV & UTVs | True Mods

Stay Safer, Glow Brighter Off-Road with Rugged ATV/UTV Aftermarket Tail Lights

Few off-road warriors can compare to the impressive capability of a Utility Terrain or All-Terrain Vehicle. If the vehicle is still equipped with stock tail lights, it is time to upgrade. Stock brake lights fall short because of plain light patterns, mediocre energy efficiency, and shorter lifespan. Safety is paramount out on the trail; it is crucial to have an ATV or UTV equipped for the long haul. Aftermarket tail lights add more attention-grabbing illumination patterns, better energy-saving, improved durability and better capability. On dark nights riding from the lit street to the pitch black wilderness with a posse of off-road vehicles, better lighting capability will help avoid accidents or loss of life. Aftermarket tail lights add different lighting forms to alert others of your presence, like hard-to-miss blinking patterns. No matter if the UTV slows down or stops, others will see the bright glow or blink of the brake lights and be able to avoid collision. Tearing up off-road trails or streets with proper, DOT-approved lighting helps prevent crashes; occasional nicks and bumps are inevitable. Aftermarket brake lights feature stronger material, like a water-tight PMMA lense on some models, to ensure the lights will live to see another day. The new UTV tail lights will go on to see many more days because of a longer lasting, eco-friendly design. This offers a lot of value so the off-road vehicle can go on many more trips before having to hit the shop for light replacements. If the current lense is cracked or the ATV just needs some TLC, True Mods carries LED replacement lights for popular off-road models like the Polaris or Can-Am RZR, Ranger, General Maverick and more. Shop today and thrive with a brand-new, DOT-compliant rear tail light replacement.