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UTV/ATV HeadlightsUTV/ATV Headlights

UTV/ATV Headlights

Our model-specific headlights make ATVs & UTVs shine! Check out our selection below and take your off-road beast to the next level.

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Model-Specific Headlights For ATV & UTVs | True Mods

Light Up the Rugged Terrain With Intense LED Power

The Utility Terrain or All-Terrain Vehicle, also known as a UTV and ATV, was engineered to conquer treacherous off-road landscapes; however, when equipped with stock headlights, drivers are taking unnecessary risk. Stock UTV headlights don’t have the lux, lumens and watts necessary to light the way effectively and avoid potential damage. Long trusted for excellence, aftermarket LED headlights ensure drivers have a blast and make it home safely. With better energy efficiency, longer lifespan, improved brightness levels and light patterns, our LED headlight assemblies make a difference when traveling through dark nights on tough terrains. In normal nighttime situations, LED low beams get the job done as a primary day-to-day light at lower speeds. The lights are angled toward the ground and provide necessary ground illumination. This downward angle helps illuminate low obstacles so the ATV operator can safely pick and choose what it drives over. The lower light output also ensures the incoming drivers are not blinded while still allowing others to see the emitted light and avoid vehicle collisions. In extreme dark situations far from city light pollution, aftermarket high beams serve effectively as a secondary light source at faster speeds. These lights point straight ahead and upwards for deep-range light. The high beam feature allows drivers to see potential danger far in advance and correct their course to avoid crashing. However, high beams should be used cautiously and only as needed because the intense light beam can blind oncoming traffic. When flying down off-road trails, every second counts to stay safe. No matter the situation, True Mods has a vast variety of headlights to choose from. Popular off-road UTV ATV machines from Polaris or Can-Am, like the RZR, Sportsman, General, Ranger and Maverick and more will benefit from this lighting upgrade and thrive outdoors.