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Emergency VehiclesEmergency Vehicles

Emergency Vehicles

Increase your visibility, improve your safety, and save money with our powerful and affordable LED emergency vehicle warning lights.

Understanding the Options

Alongside our large selection of aftermarket auto parts, True Mods also carries an impressive variety of strobe warning lights. Here’s a quick primer to get you started in your search for the ultimate warning light setup.

Beacon Lights - Beacon lights are probably one of the most recognized emergency vehicle lights on the market. Their compact design, magnetic mount option, and cigarette lighter plugs make them easy to install and remove and are the ideal choice for POV’s funeral escort vehicles, and other cars or trucks that don’t spend their entire lives as work or emergency response vehicles.

Dash Lights, Visor, and Deck Lights - Interior mounted strobe warning lights are a great way to add a massive amount of visibility to your police car, security patrol, funeral escort vehicle, or volunteer firefighter vehicle without the need for a large complicated install. Dash lights are forward-facing lights mounted on or above the front dashboard. Visor lights are also forward-facing lights that are mounted high on the windshield close to the vehicle’s sun visors. Deck lights are rear-facing lights usually installed against the rear window of a vehicle. Interior lights usually come equipped with temporary mount options and cigarette lighter plug adapters. They are incredibly bright and don’t face the same weather-related issues as their external mount counterparts.

Full-Size Light Bars - Most common on police vehicles, fire trucks, and security vehicles, a full-size light bar is one of the fastest ways to 360-degree visibility. They usually include a large number of strobe patterns, forward and side facing spotlights known as takedown and alley lights, and come in a variety of colors specific to different professions. The perfect counterpart for your fire truck siren, a full-size light bar is the workhorse of the warning light world.

Mini Light Bars - Like their larger cousins, the full-size light bar, a mini light bar is a quick way to install 360 degrees of visibility on any emergency vehicle. While not as large as a full-size light, a mini light bar still packs a punch. Perfect for security vehicles and private ambulances, the mini light bar is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add more visibility to their vehicle.

Grille Lights - Used ambulance lights, police lights, and everything in between, grill lights have recently become one of the most useful warning lights available. Small but powerful they easily install on grilles, license plates, push bars, and any other flat surface you can think of. Increase your visibility and safety when you combine a seat of powerful grille lights with an ambulance siren or PA system.

Hideaway Strobe Lights - Like Grille lights, these small light heads pack an impressive punch. Designed to mount inside your vehicle headlight and taillight housings, hideaway strobe lights are perfect for undercover vehicles, POV’s, ambulances, funeral vehicles, or any other vehicle that needs invisible visibility.

Traffic Advisor Lights - A traffic advisor light is an interior mounted, rear-facing light with a specific purpose. Armed with directional strobe patterns, a traffic advisor light is designed to direct traffic around a construction or emergency scene. Combine one with a police siren and PA system for a powerful traffic control setup.