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RV Wiring

Changing RV wiring keeps the camper primed and the family safe. Shop our collection of replacement and complementary parts to enhance the campsite experience.

Power Inlets/Outlets, Extension Cables, Adapters & Accessories for RV Applications | True Mods

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Swap Faulty Gear & Shield Loved Ones w/ RV Wiring

Recreational vehicles provide comfort and stability cross country. Never forget to maintain RV wiring setup to stay safe and be prepared. Pull away from the campsite without disconnecting the plug, and you’ll need our replacement. Power outlets durably provide an energy hookup on the RV’s exterior wall. This allows for home charging before the trip begins. Power inlets add to the arsenal with an extra energy input to charge equipment and peripherals. It helps feed power-hungry equipment. Some models use a twist locking design; nothing will bump the connection loose! At the rest stop, 50 amp RV drivers may not always find a 50 amp electric box. With a power adapter, larger campers conveniently hook up to 30 amp charging unit. This may not provide enough juice for all appliances and dual A/C units, however it keeps the essentials running. For extra reach when plugging in, a power extension cord will assist. Be careful to choose one that is properly rated for the electrical current to prevent overheating. In the event of an energy spike from lightning or a grid malfunction, protect the family with a power surge protector. Instead of frying electrical appliances, the auto shutoff sequence in some cables prevents harm. All camper wiring features an ETL certification to meet national safety standards and for peace of mind. At True Mods, we carry all the popular adapters, cables, sockets and plug ends you need. Look no further for the NEMA TT-30, L5-30, 14-50, SS2-50, 5-15 connections and more. Select an option, ensure the RV is juiced and safely travel to the campsite!